CSlogoConstruction Solutions is a Consulting Engineering and design build firm catering to the concrete construction industry at large and specifically to the following industries; concrete sawing and drilling, nuclear decommissioning, municipal water treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, flood and hydroelectric dam industry, and highway and bridge.

Starting in 2003, Construction Solutions began offering Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services. With its continual growth and high demand, GPR has become a major focus for the company.

Our mission statement: Construction Solutions is dedicated to providing world class expertise in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), consulting, equipment and diamond tools, producing positive results for the construction and precision demolition industries from concept through completion.

Construction Solutions was founded January 2000. We have completed or worked on projects in the US, England, India, Panama, Canada, and Norway. Some of these projects have had international recognition such as the slurry wall at the World Trade Center “Ground Zero”, replacing the worn Tow Track on the Panama Canal while the canal is operating, and cutting the bow off the Kursk submarine allowing it to be raised to the surface.

The purchase of Diamant Boart, Inc. by Dimas resulted in the sale of Construction Solutions to Rick Norland effective Sept 1 2002. Beginning in September Construction Solutions was relocated to facilities near Paola Kansas and established as a limited liability corporation in the state of Kansas. Form this transformation Construction Solutions has continued to supply services to the precession demolition industry and to expand its customer base. Beginning in January of 2003 Construction Solutions began supplying Ground Penetrating Radar services to the precession demolition industry. Currently Construction Solutions has performed close to 3,000 GPR surveys resulting in rapid sales growth for this service.