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Know Before You Cut… Conduits are placed both in suspended slabs and in or below concrete slabs. X-Ray was the only process to “look” into suspended concrete before cutting. Because X-ray requires two-sided access, are expensive, time-consuming and require evacuation perimeters, they are not ideal for any situation.

Ground Penetrating Radar addresses all of these issues by using radio frequencies similar to your cell phone to look into the concrete. Seeing where conduits are before you cut saves you both time and money.

Customer’s Challenge:

During a hospital remodel a contractor is tasked with cutting both trenches and coredrills and cutting one conduit can potentially cause loss of power for a nearby section of the hospital.

  • Plumbers need to install new drain lines
  • Electricians need to coredrill for electrical and data chases
  • Engineer needs to pour thicker foundations for increased loads from heavier equipment

Our Solution:

Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) any trade can use our ability to precisely locate any conduits below grade or inside concrete floors.

  • Locates both PVC and metallic conduits
  • Identifies depth to target
  • Identifies thickness of concrete
  • Cut with confidence!
Case Studies Conduit
Case Studies Conduit
Case Studies Conduit