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The most accurate method of locating graves

There are thousands upon thousands of graves that are unmarked at grave sites that have been poorly maintained or lost over time. Locating the exact location of existing graves is a problem when records are poor and incomplete. Non disturbance of the graves is critical and few technologies can accomplish the level of accuracy that Ground Penetrating Radar can achieve.

Our services have been used for grave sites dating back to the late 1700’s through out the country.

Customer’s Challenge:

Without knowing how many graves or the limits of a grave site re-establishing the boundaries or allowing more plots is an impossible task without more information.

  • Determine layout and quantity of graves
  • Search for graves non-destructively (no digging/probing)

Our Solution:

Ground Penetrating Radar is the most widely accepted and accurate method of locating graves.

  • Graves are flagged and identified
  • Surveys are overlaid onto Google Earth
  • 3D scanning can be used to identify sizes of graves
  • Headstones and other markers can be located
Case Studies Graves
Case Studies Graves
Case Studies Graves