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Inspections, Investigations, Site Assessments… Ground Penetrating Radar can be used to perform inspections when not properly performed on a job site. The ability to “look” into concrete or other mediums can save the contractor when inspections were not performed.

  • Locate Rebar
  • Perform Depth of Cover surveys
  • Locate concrete pipe weights
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Cell phone Tower Base analysis
  • Steel Reinforcement Corrosion

Customer’s Challenge:

The purchase of a new building or remodel of an existing building can pose problems when you don’t know how it was built.

  • How much rebar is in a concrete structure?
  • Is the concrete thick enough to support machinery?
  • Is an Underground Storage Tank still present on property?
  • Is the steel in a bridge deck corroded?

Our Solution:

Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR for short, accurately images rebar within concrete.

  • No Radiation so no evacuation perimeters
  • One side access
  • Instant results, no developing x-ray films
  • Approximately 5 minutes per hole
  • Faster coredrilling by avoiding cutting rebar
Case Studies Inspections
Case Studies Inspections
Case Studies Inspections