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Fast, Low Cost, Accurate, Reliable… are just some of the responses we have been receiving from our customers for the past 13 years. Traditionally X-Ray was the only process to “look” into concrete before cutting. Concrete Xrays were expensive, time-consuming and the radiation posed problems with evacuation perimeters in hospitals and hotels where moving people can be difficult, if not impossible.

Ground Penetrating Radar addresses all of these issues by using radio frequencies similar to your cell phone to look into the concrete.

Customer’s Challenge:

A Structural Engineer has determined that rebar cannot be cut during remodel and contractor has to coredrill for remodel.

  • Electricians need to install floor boxes and run new electrical chases for power and data
  • Plumbers need to install new floor drains, supply and vent lines
  • Remodel is in a multi-level building and evacuation perimeters for concrete x-ray can not be established.

Our Solution:

Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR for short, accurately images rebar within concrete.

  • No Radiation so no evacuation perimeters
  • One side access
  • Instant results, no developing x-ray films
  • Approximately 5 minutes per hole
  • Faster coredrilling by avoiding cutting rebar
Case Studies Rebar
Case Studies Rebar
Case Studies Rebar