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Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

With new EPA guidelines on the installation, maintenance and removal of Underground Storage Tanks more and more effort is being placed on accurately locating tanks. Phase II assessments require locating any and all USTs as well as product lines to allow for “intrusive” investigations to collect soil and groundwater samples.

Customer’s Challenge:

A piece of real estate is being purchased and the lender requires a Phase II study to determine whether or not an Underground Storage Tank is present.

  • Determine if a UST is or is not still present underground
  • Locate all utilities on site to allow for collection of groundwater sampling

Our Solution:

Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR for short, has the ability to image subsurface targets below the surface to identify the location of USTs and utilities.

  • Locate USTs
  • Able to locate both metallic and non-metallic pipes
  • Identify depth to target
  • Locate abandoned lines not on drawings
Case Studies USTs
Case Studies USTs
Case Studies USTs