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Customer’s Challenge:

An aging infrastructure has resulted in a growing problem. Many of the water mains underground are breaking and causing 1000’s of leaks each year and the numbers are growing. How do you find a leak that has not surfaced?

  • Where is the water line?
  • How deep is the water line?
  • Where is the water leak originating?
  • Has the leak created a sinkhole?

Our Solution:

Ground Penetrating Radar is able to see the saturated soils formed by a water leak and can be used to trace back to an originating source.

  • Locate the water line
  • Locate saturated soils
  • Provide Utility Clearance before you dig
  • Locate any sinkholes before using large equipment
  • Minimize digging, no exploratory searching
Case Studies Water Leaks
Case Studies Water Leaks