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The only inspection method to analyze the condition of the ballast supporting our railroad networks is through visual inspections. Visual inspections of ballast does not give clear or concise answers to the amount of fouling within the ballast.


Ground Penetrating Radar is an excellent non-destructive tool to inspect MILES & MILES of Railroad track in a matter of minutes! Using highly developed software, Ballast Scan is capable of looking into the ground and quickly and accurately analyzing miles of data to determine where undercutting procedures should be focused.

Construction Solutions is the ONLY company in the United States to offer this service! We are able to scan and process over 200 miles per day and have results to you in less than 24 hours! We are able to take over 21,000 scans per mile and transfer information using GPS onto Google Earth maps to give you aerial images of ballast conditions.

What You Get!

  • Pricing by the rail mile! Not by the foot!
  • Mobilization to ANY part of the country! Ask about our Canda pricing!
  • Very fast and Very accurate inspections
  • Data that is combined with GPS / Mileposts for useful reporting
  • Google Earth .kml files that contain Ballast Analysis maps