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Have you ever bought a building? Need to remodel it? Need to trench cut? Wondering if there is conduit snaking through the slab?

Chances are if you answered yes to these questions you have hit an electrical line, possibly a main feed. There are obvious reasons why you want to locate conduit. (1) The safety concern. The last thing a saw operator wants to do is go to the hospital because he hit a main feed. (2) The last thing the owner wants to do is deal with the power outage and repair that costly line.


  • This is where Construction Solutions has the best answer. Combine TWO great technologies to provide one excellent service! Ground Penetrating Radar can pick up those difficult to locate conduit lines underneath the slab and establish depths. In addition we incorporate the RD4000 system to locate live lines and trace out specific conduits so you can trench cut efficiently.
  • A typical job will mark out depth of slab, locate conduits, label depths of conduit to allow you to cut with the saw as much as possible, reducing the amount of time spent chipping.