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A local materials company purchased 200+ acres of land in the Kansas City, MO area. This land was where an old bend of the Missouri river existed before it changed course. A separate company began excavation of nearby land. They began to run into several buried trees that interfered with their equipment. Before the newly acquired land was to be excavated a geophysical survey of the area was required to confirm the existence of buried trees so equipment would not be damaged.

Possible Solutions:

  • Perform random exploratory digging to locate buried trees
  • Perform Ground Penetrating Radar geophysical scan


  • Exploratory digging of the area would only be able to be done in a select amount of areas. This would not provide conclusive evidence of the existence of trees to potential investors.
  • The use of Ground Penetrating Radar in the Geophysical sector has been around since the 1970’s and has been used extensively worldwide in mineralogical and archeological exploration. Construction Solutions mapped out in various grids full 3D images of the entire site. This data was compared against core samples taken by a local environmental consulting firm. No trees were found and allowed for excavation of the sand. As an added bonus, Construction Solutions calculated average soil depths for each grid and was able to calculate an approximate volume of sand in cubic yards for the customer.