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Many cemeteries have unmarked graves which can be a result of many factors, such as lost records or poor record keeping. Many states also have specific laws in regards to the disturbance of graves. So how do you locate graves without disturbing the grave site?


Locating unmarked graves using methods that require probing can be an invasive method and many plot owners typically object to this method. Using GPR, a non-invasive method of locating graves has never been objected to in our history of locating graves. Many plot owners are grateful for our non-invasive approach and our respect for their families. For large plots, survey flags are used to temporarily mark graves and then all locations can be captured with our Leica Total Station Optical Survey equipment. We can then provide the appropriate parties with a full CAD drawing showing all marked and unmarked graves. Upon completing a job we leave the location in original condition, showing no evidence we were ever there.