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Cutting rebar in suspended slabs used to be a common occurrence. Cutting through rebar can slow down your cutting time and weaken the structure. Cutting rebar will shorten core drill bit life over cutting through plain concrete.

Possible Solutions:

  • X-Ray concrete
  • Ground Penetrating Radar


  • To X-Ray concrete you need the following: 2-sided access, radiation source, evacuation of area, time and money. The use of X-ray to locate rebar is no longer the cost effective solution. When dealing with a radiation source and requiring full evacuation of the scanning site can be a burdensome process.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR can look 18″ into concrete at high resolutions and give accurate, real-time location and depth readings. Unlike X-ray, GPR only requires 1-sided access and can be used in the same vicinity as other workers. There is no need of evacuation. In ideal situations Construction Solutions has located rebar mats that are 12 feet below the surface. Construction Solutions is highly recommended by the concrete cutters/operators in the Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri area.