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Post-Tension Cables are commonly used in applications such as parking garages or in applications where longer spans of floors or beams is more practical than traditional reinforced concrete methods. Because of the extremely high tension placed on these cables it is extremely rare when an engineer allows a cable to be cut in the process of cutting through the concrete. So how do you cut through concrete that has PT Cables? In electrical line, possibly a main feed. There are obvious reasons why you want to locate conduit. (1) The safety concern. The last thing a saw operator wants to do is go to the hospital because he hit a main feed. (2) The last thing the owner wants to do is deal with the power outage and repair that costly line.

Possible Solutions:

  • X-ray of the concrete slab to locate the best opening
  • Consult as-built drawings
  • Ground Penetrating Radar


  • X-ray is considered too costly to perform when compared to GPR. In addition areas adjacent to the scan area would have to be evacuated due to the radiation source and the time per hole would take too long. Hospitals and hotels always prefer using GPR over X-ray to avoid radiation exposure to individuals.
  • Typically as-builts are not accurate or complete and are therefore not a safe means for determining exact location.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar is preferred for 3 main reasons. (1) GPR is a proven faster and safer alternative to X-ray. (2) The cost for a radar scan was considerably less than X-ray and (3) GPR is more accurate than X-ray. How accurate? Construction Solutions has located THOUSANDS of core drills and has NEVER allowed a concrete cutter to hit or nick a cable.