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The EPA requires records be kept on the installation and removal of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). Older records of the installation and removal of these storage tanks are not always kept as carefully or as accurately as they should be. So how can someone determine on a large property whether or not a UST exists?

Possible Solutions:

  • Begin exploratory digging of the site to locate UST.
  • Perform Ground Penetrating Radar scan.


  • Most companies and property owners would like to avoid tearing up their parking lot or property to determine if a UST still exists on the premises. A form of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is always preferred to exploratory digging.
  • Construction Solutions has been called to perform a GPR scan of an area to confirm the existence of a UST. Even when a storage tank has been removed we are able to confirm where the UST had been located by determining the area of soil that had been excavated.